Asian Fine Food : Malacca and the spice trade


Design by: Ho Ping Yi
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Dasein Academy of Art
Course: Diploma in Graphic Design
Tutor: Ms. Low Poh Li
Packaging Contents: Spice Blend
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft paperboard and banana leaf
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Asian Fine Foods Spice Blend

The Asian Fine Food Spice Blend Packaging Design offers a captivating glimpse into the past, transporting you to Malacca, a historical center of the ancient spice trade in Malaysia. It goes beyond being a mere container, serving as a portal to a bustling port city where diverse cultures converged, and spices ignited a global exchange of flavors and ideas.

This packaging boasts eco-friendliness by enveloping the precious spices in biodegradable banana leaves, reminiscent of traditional preservation methods during their oceanic voyages. Choosing this packaging reflects a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. The sustainable banana leaf wrapping doubles as a natural signal for unveiling the gift, aligning you with nature’s rhythm and ancient practices.

Adorned with a beautifully illustrated banner, the packaging pays homage to the Portuguese map that guided explorers to Malacca, celebrating the spirit of exploration. The enclosed enchanting storyboard uses intricate illustrations and narratives to recount Malacca’s spice trade era, highlighting spices like paprika, star anise, and cardamom, which triggered a global spice revolution.

Curator’s Insight

We’re instantly drawn to the choice of materials – a harmonious blend of kraft paperboard and banana leaf. It’s like a fusion of tradition and innovation, as if the packaging itself tells the story of spices’ journey through time. And speaking of journeys, isn’t it fascinating how this design isn’t just about aesthetics, but about sustainability too? The banana leaf wrapping is a brilliant nod to the ancient methods of preserving spices during their maritime expeditions. It’s like holding a piece of history in your hands, while also taking a stand for the environment.

This use of banana leaf is more than a design choice; it’s a celebration of Malaysia’s culinary soul. It’s a connection to the generations who passed down their wisdom through flavors and traditions.