Agência FOME

São Paulo, SP, Brasil

A Cachaça Inspired by Brazilian Art

The Semana de Arte Moderna de 1922 was the first Brazilian event where cachaça, the famous Brazilian distilled, was served and appreciated by high society as it deserves: alongside other arts, as a symbol of our culture and pride. It was a moment marked by the pursuit and expression of national identity, where we showcased to the entire world our original, innovative, engaging, and, above all, beautifully abundant side. Pure Brazilian essence, is represented in every sip of this beverage that was born to conquer the world.

“Just like the beverage, the brand-building work developed for Cachaça 1922 also deserves to be appreciated. Composed only of a finely tuned and elegant font, combined with diagonal and slightly overlapping numbers, the logo conveys a striking visual harmony, almost as if it were a signature”, explains Raphael Gonzalez, Creative Director at FOME Agency.

There are three variations of the product, each with its own personality and specific audience. Therefore, a color palette specially designed to highlight its characteristics complements the visual communication.

Straight or in cocktails? The consumer defines the best way to enjoy it. Just like art, everyone has their own way of seeing, understanding, and appreciating.”

Designer: Arthur Franceschini
Copywriter: Felipe Camargo
Creative Director: Raphael Gonzalez
Account Executive: Ingrid Parmeziani
Production: Marcos Alves
Agency: Fome