Manawara | Brazil Nut with gummy candy


About the Project
Expanding a portfolio with characteristics and flavors as distinctive as the culture of Manaus is a challenge. Celebrating Amazonian traits and biomes is to appreciate the region’s best. It’s about innovating while staying true to the prominent roots. It’s about meeting the desires of a demanding and diverse consumer. Hence, the new packaging line for Manawara Brazil nuts with gummy candy is born.

The new “little boxes” (a loving and popular nickname) reflect the richness of Brazil nuts and the fruits of the northern region of the country while also considering biodiversity, production ease, transportation, and distribution logistics – complementing the products already offered by the company.

The project’s goal is to translate the brand’s essence by creating synergy with other Manawara products, adding more options to the portfolio, and delivering a premium experience to the consumer by sharing the best flavors of the Amazon while also considering logistics and point-of-sale packaging.

In creating the new packaging family developed by Manawara, we aimed to bring not only a unique quality product inside the boxes but also the essence and flavor of each Amazonian fruit. To achieve this, we worked with proprietary illustrations developed exclusively for the line, along with a palette of dark tones, also reminiscent of the elegance of whole Brazil nuts – whose shape is presented in relief on each package.

As a result, we achieved contrast compared to other products, which feature vibrant colors on their packaging. Another highlight is the packaging’s shape, which adopted a pattern to facilitate transportation and point-of-sale packaging, giving life to a much more sophisticated and beautiful display.

As a result of the project, considering the new products, we expanded the portfolio offered by Manawara by 30%, enabling an even greater short-term expansion plan, as well as the implementation of the company’s first physical point of sale, located in São Paulo, Santo Amaro neighborhood, Brazil.