Pilsen – a tribute to Callao


Since 1863, Pilsen Callao beer has brought friends together around a table. It is the brand that promotes keeping the friendship of Peruvians alive. We work hand in hand with one of the most historic brands in the country and the region, with more than 160 years of quality and tradition.

For this special edition can we wanted to celebrate the brand’s anniversary by showing the best of Callao: the city where the brand was born. Located half an hour from downtown Lima, Callao is Peru’s first port that brings together magic, gastronomy, history, beaches and tradition that can be enjoyed all year round. Callao was founded in 1535 and soon became the main port for Spanish trade in the Pacific. It is currently the most important port in the country and is considered one of the best South American Pacific coasts.

Its location as a port conditioned the introduction of salsa music directly from the Caribbean and it is the country’s most emblematic salsa center. The brand has always been related to this origin and to this “belonging” to this magical place full of music and history.

For this limited edition we had to take into consideration the iconic assets of the brand such as the greens, the crown, the symbols of excellence, the typographies that celebrate diversity and the “great encounter”, but also bringing to the table the patrimonial and architectural elements that characterize the city, without focusing on the nostalgia of the past and revaluing the brand’s legacy.

We took several icons such as the salsa that can be heard throughout the city and different architectural symbols such as: the first building of the brand, the Miguel Grau monument, the fortress of Real Felipe, the pennants of the streets and the colonial houses full of color. Thus achieving an effusive and celebratory design that pays tribute to the cultural heritage of the brand and connects with the target in a new way, full of design and color.

It was the perfect opportunity to build celebration in the territory of friendship of the brand and resignifying those moments that make us more friends.