Brief: Tata Salt is to do a limited edition pack on the occasion of Republic Day.

The idea is to have an online campaign: “This Republic Day we encourage kids of our Nation to ask such questions and accelerate the journey towards a brighter and better India.”

We decided that the medium for this campaign is the pack itself as it has the highest penetration and reach in our Nation, beyond traditional or new-age media.

There are about 4 locations/ factories where the packs are printed. We decided to have a pack design in such a way that each geographical zone of India will have a different/ relatable and thought-provoking question on the pack with a QR code for online participation in the campaign.

The pack carried 4 different questions relevant to India’s 4 geographical zones East (Kolkata), West (Mumbai), North (Noida), South (Hyderabad)

Example “saaf hawa sirf pahodo pe kyu hoti hai?” is relevant to North – Noida For congested cities like Mumbai “Bade cycle kyou nai chalate hai?”

Keeping constraints of number of colours, flat designs, and maintaining minimum line strength we have designed the graphics.

The campaign was rolled from December end 2022 to January 2023 and had a good response.