Eric Bordelet led a fulfilling life before joining the cider elite. He spent many years as a sommelier at L’Arpège, rubbing shoulders with renowned figures in the world of wine.

It was this passion that led him to take the leap and reinvent himself as a ‘sydriculteur.’ He made his home at Château de Hauteville, located in the Mayenne department, in the southern part of Normandy, his family’s place of origin. Here, he cultivates an impressive variety of apples, including a substantial portion of pears, all locally sourced. The art of balancing the flavors of tart, bitter, and sweet fruits is at the heart of his work. Harvesting is done by hand, except for a few select varieties chosen for their acidity, which are shaken from the trees. The fermentation process is entirely natural, without the addition of external yeasts.

Eric Bordelet contacted our agency to showcase his exceptional cuvées, including a well-aged Calvados that has patiently matured for 25 long years in oak barrels.

To enhance these precious creations, we designed a box that faithfully echoes the iconic features of his bottles. Adorned with an elegant mix of materials, black-grained leather and copper were chosen for the apple version, while the pear edition features a brass hue. This blend of materials, combining matte and glossy finishes, was crafted to highlight the nobility of the content and the elegant signature curve of the box.


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