Mira Winery Estate Wines

CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

Mira Winery tasked CF Napa with creating the packaging for their Estate Wines. The design needed to have a more traditional feel and honor the winery co-founder, nicknamed “Bear”, and the exceptional talent of the winemaker and co-founder, nicknamed “Goose”.

CF Napa commissioned an illustration of an ornate crest surrounded by elaborate filigree. Within the shield of the crest is an illustration of a bear and a goose against a backdrop of vineyards and Napa Valley hillside. A scroll with the words, “Gentem”, “Vinum”, and “Terra” – Latin for “People”, “Wine”, and “Earth” – wraps around the crest as a reminder of the key elements that go into every bottle of their exceptional wine.