TeaFit – Instant Tea Premix Packaging Design


TeaFit is an Indian brand looking to revolutionize the beverage aisle by bringing healthy, sugar-free and completely Unsweetened drinks to people! They approached me for a design for their new line of products – their Unsweetened Instant Tea Premixes.

Every Indian loves their cup of chai, and the packaging is to appeal to the chai lover in them. We also had to show that the premixes are made au naturale with real spices and ingredients. The illustration is of a calm tea garden, with a little village nestled in the valley and the sun shining through on the valley. There are simple illustrations of tea pickers, and the illustration transports them to the world of the tea garden.

I created each of the illustrations for each flavour of the Instant Tea Premixes. Additionally, each side was created with fun steps and content, to keep the entire packaging engaging, along with a braille writing of TeaFit on one side of the box.


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