Diwali Safari Board Game Gift Box


Design: Shwetha Raja
Concept: Vishala Ramswami
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Diwali Corporate Board Game Gift Box
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Diwali Board Game
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset, Digital Printing

Diwali Safari is a board game that features Gond tribal art and Indian wildlife. The game is designed using principles of positive psychology to reinforce feelings of gratitude and joy. The board game was sent out as Diwali Gifts to various people. The box had a Gond tribal art illustration on the top of the box. The inside of the box had a wonderful Kerala themed board game design. Players, as teams of two, could choose to be the elephant or the peacock and have to guide the animal, away from the city, the noise of the fireworks and into the safety of the jungle. They roll a dice and choose a task from the customized pile of Indian game cards. Upon successful completion of the tasks, players move forward.

The game promotes the concept of an eco friendly Diwali with chocolate fireworks, and a delightful postcard featuring the unique birds of Kerala. All proceeds from the sale of the game go to Educate to Empower, a school for underprivileged girls.

The Gond Style Illustrations were of a Deer, Peacock and a Parrot below the Tree of Life. This image was on the top of the game board box design. The main board game design started off with people celebrating the Festival of lights by the river side, where we can see the famous Kerala house boats. The board game path then leads the players to the city with a Kerala style house, and a wonderful flower market filled with people excitedly celebrating the Festival of Diwali. The final path of the board game leads the players into the cool greenery of Kerala’s forests, representing God’s Own Country! The game came along with a personalized postcard wishing the people a Happy Diwali. The postcard had two delightful bird stamps, native to Kerala. The task cards had various fun tasks for the Team to complete, all themed around Diwali and the festive spirit!

What’s Unique?
A Board Game for a Diwali gift especially during the pandemic? It sounds too good to be true! The true essence of this board game was to unite family, create a feel of festivity and celebration even during the pandemic. This game allows for members to bond, while at the same time teaching them the importance of a safe and eco-friendly Diwali.

The box also had Diwali sweets wrapped as firecracker to represent eco-friendly, save and sweet alternatives to celebrate the festival!