Zubi Candy Spoon


ZUBI- The Fun Candy was launching a one-of-a-kind Hot Chocolate Candy Spoon which when mixed with warm milk makes yummy Hot Chocolate.

They were launching these Pan India. The Spoon could also be eaten as candy and could also be used to make Hot Chocolate.

It was designed to appeal to both adults and children. I had to design a single cover for the Candy Spoon and a collective outer box to fit in the spoons collectively. The spoons can be used to make delicious hot chocolate that can be topped off with whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows and this is the kind of look I wanted to give to the packaging as well.

My fondest memory of hot chocolate is transporting me to a cold climate, where I am tucked by a warm fireplace and having a cup of Hot Chocolate. I wanted to convey this through fun illustrations that appeal to both adults and children.