Zubi- The Fun Candy wanted to revamp their Fruit Medley Jar packaging. The candy rocks were now Enriched with Vitamin C and that was their new selling point.

The client needed a fun new look for the packaging, and they needed it to appeal to both the children and the adults.

The Jar is filled with a colourful medley of hard candy rocks in various fruit flavours. Keeping the product in mind, I chose fun, bright and quirky colours for the packaging of the jar as well. I used a pastel background to allow the illustrations to pop, yet keep it professional and appealing to adults at the same time.

To depict that it was Enriched with Vitamin C, I used various fruit illustrations, showing the goodness of citrus in these candies.

So I created a fun design with the falling pile of fruits with, and I used bright and vibrant colours so that it pops out of shelves and is eye-catching!The Jars came in two sizes and the designs were for a small label around classy glass bottles with gold lids.