Whisky Label – Lord Snowdon

Nothing symbolizes Scotland better than the thistle.

Nobody knows with certainty how and when this humble and prickly weed became so important; according to the legend, a group of Scottish warriors who had fallen asleep managed to avoid an ambush set up by the Norwegian army thanks to a thistle field.

It’s said that, during the night, one of the Norwegian enemies trampled the horny plants hidden by the night; his cry of pain awakened the slumbering warriors who duly rejected the invaders and adopted the thistle as a national symbol.

A very elegant and modern design for an ancient and renowned distillery with 130 years of experience in producing and aging high-quality whiskey, like Lord Snowdon.

The white background enhances the gold details creating an atmosphere capable of evoking Scotland’s epic history in a modern way. In addition to the color, the font also gives elegance and refinement to the project: the Bodoni URW is extremely refined in the refinement of geometric perfection. Exactly how the Scottish company is famous for the accuracy of its production processes