Siya is a brand-new tetrapack juice lineup made by SIS Natural.

The company needed a fresh, non-standard, attractive solution for the newly created brand to excite everyone! We at Boor came up with this concept to create the new identity for Siya juices. Our team also created a storytelling to deliver the emotional part of the concept to the buyer, which is coming below.


We came up with the idea of designing juice characters in the faces of women with typical Armenian female names combined with Armenian namings of the fruit flavours. They are: Narnja (Orange, arm. – Narinj); Khndzorina (Apple, arm. – Khndzor); Kanarina (Green Orange, arm. – Kanach Narinj); Baluhi (Cherry, arm. – Bal); Laimine (Lime) and Mangolina (Mango).


Once upon a time, there were six beautiful and peculiar women named Narnja, Mangolina, Khndzorina, Kanarina, Laimine, and Baluhi. They all lived in different parts of Armenia, but they were all drawn to the same thing: the power of fruit.

One day, the six women met at a juice festival. They were all drawn to each other’s beauty and kindness, and they quickly became friends. They talked for hours about their love of fruit, and they realized that they shared a common dream: to create a juice that would make people feel happy and healthy.

The six women worked together to create Siya, a line of juices made with fresh, organic fruits. Each juice was named after one of the women, and each one had a unique flavor and personality. Siya was an instant success, and the women became known as the Siya Sisters.

The Siya Sisters are now traveling the world, spreading the joy of fruit and the power of Siya. They are an inspiration to everyone they meet, and they show us that anything is possible when we work together.


We delivered a design that recreates Armenian spirit. The juice flavors are created in the typical style of local female names. Thus, we generated a connection between the product and the local buyer, and an interesting concept for the international buyer.

The character illustrations are visually striking and catchy. It helps to immediately make the buyer choose Siya juice among the many others on the supermarket shelf.


Creative Director: Ashot Baghdasaryan
Graphic Designer, Illustrator: Ani Karapetyan
Project Manager: Lusine Hakobyan
Graphic Designer: Lilith Manukian
Agency: Boor Branding Agency
SIS Natural