Creattore Studio

São Carlos, SP, Brasil

We were contacted by JP BarberShop, a traditional barbershop located in the city of São Carlos, to design the packaging and modeling of their first original product: Hair Grow, a topical solution of minoxidil, ideal for those facing hair and beard loss issues.

The standout feature of this product is its innovative characteristic of being completely odorless, providing an experience free of noticeable smells. Hair Grow will be marketed both in the barbershop itself and in stores in the city and surrounding areas, targeting a select and tasteful audience.

In line with the brand’s visual identity, we opted for a clean and minimalist design, conveying sophistication and the product’s neutrality. We accentuated this elegance by adding a silver hot-stamped band on both the packaging and the label. After the concept approval, we proceeded to create the digital mockup for the initial product presentation. This process involved meticulous modeling from scratch, ensuring that every detail reflected the quality and purpose of Hair Grow.