Bitbunker NanoShield Series | Packaging for Phone Cases

Creattore Studio

São Carlos, SP, Brasil

In the bustling technology landscape of India, Bitbunker stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality with its NanoShield case lineup: Cases embedded with nanotechnology, offering maximum protection without obscuring the original beauty of the phone. We undertook the challenge of designing a unique packaging that would encompass the entire NanoShield range, highlighting the superiority of the products, with a focus on their distribution in widely spread physical stores throughout the Indian territory.

As a result, we opted for a packaging design that is elegant and clean, featuring a front window that allows the product’s inherent beauty to effectively communicate. We embraced a blister slider packaging with an internally designed structure to securely accommodate the product. We allocated a strategic space on the back face of the packaging for attaching an identifying label. For product display, we selected tagholders positioned on the upper interior of the packaging.