Matías Buenos Días


Barcelona, España

Few brands can do what Matias Buenos Días does: get into your bed with you. The company sets itself apart in an ever-competitive marketplace with an extensive range of high-quality products. Their breakfast options range from basics to gourmet delicacies, with the added bonus of including gifts such as books.

We acknowledge the significance of starting the day right with a good breakfast, but also the presence of brands in people’s intimate lives. With this in mind, we recognized a necessity to establish an identity that could transcend this intimate moment without being invasive, constructing a friendly and accessible identity in which personalization would be key.

The graphic code is designed to be approachable and centers on vibrant colors and recognizable messaging that emphasize moments of consumption. It is also highly adaptable and versatile to cater to future communication and updating requirements.

The stencil style used in the typography, illustrations, and logotype reflects the immediacy and tailor-made nature of the service, which are principles that have defined Matías Buenos Días since its inception.