Clube Nosso by Pendão & Prior Atelier

Pendão & Prior

Matosinhos, Portugal

“Nosso” (direct translation “Our”) is an intimate project, conceived by a group of friends, which fits in with the concept of a “Fab-Lab” (fabrication lab), where creative research, irreverence and sustainability come together to create exclusive, small-batch, high-quality wines with unique personalities and characteristics, in total harmony and respect for the terroirs from which they originate.

The visual concept is intentionally clean and minimalist, the “Nosso” typeface (with 3 weights and 2 styles) was inspired by the geometries of historic Portuguese tiles and plays an instrumental role in affirming the identity of the “Nosso” brand. Pictured, are examples of a few ranges under the Clube Nosso’s umbrella, throughout all of the labels there’s an “X” debossed on the paper, the different references can be distinguished by the variety of papers and color schemes applied to the brand’s name.

In order to keep the best practices of eco-design, we have tried to use eco-sustainable raw materials, particularly for the packaging, which is made from cardboard obtained from recycled fibres, printed with eco-friendly inks. Similarly, for the labeling, we have used FSC-certified paper, applied to one of the lightest bottles on the market (395g-750ml), thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with its transportation. For the same reason, we have left out any type of capsule as a decorative element, using a high quality cork stopper instead, which eliminates substantial quantities of materials such as aluminum, tin or plastic.


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