Truls Svendsen Aquavit


Oscars gate 92, 0256 Oslo, Norway

Introducing Truls Svendsen Aquavit, the latest creation by Meir Distilleries. Born from a close collaboration between the beloved Norwegian personality, Truls Svendsen, and the brilliant Meir Distilleries team, led by Ivan and Rune. Mr. Svendsen, known for his showmanship, sense of humor, and culinary passion, played a pivotal role in shaping this aquavit.

The design approach aimed to capture the warmth and charisma embodied by Truls Svendsen, while also highlighting the fine quality of the product, ensured by the craftsmanship of the distillery. The design plays with the contrasts between Truls and Meir, the extroverted and introverted, the bold and subtle.

The logotype is distinctive and extrovert to reflect Truls’ personality. The label is soft and rounded, the colour palette is warm and welcoming. The vibrant yellow wax seal ensures visibility on the shelves of Norwegian spirit retailers. Complementing this warm visual atmosphere, the detailing reflects the high level of craftsmanship, the carefully chosen ingredients, and the passion poured into every aspect of this project. From the elegant bottle to the artisanal wax seal, the typographic artistry, and lavish use of gold foil and lacquer. Nothing is left to chance to ensure a product of great quality and aesthetic appeal.


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Oscars gate 92, 0256 Oslo, Norway
Designer: Alexandra Kloster
Designer: Ina Bråthen
Designer and production manager: Reidar Oksavik
Meir Distillery