New Delhi, Delhi, India

CheekyBUNS Burger: A Flavorful Journey of Fun and Boldness

Introduction: Welcome to CheekyBUNS, the burger joint that breaks all the rules and serves up big bites, bold flavors, and endless fun! Born in the heart of Bangalore – KA, CheekyBUNS isn’t your ordinary burger spot; it’s a culinary adventure where each bite is a celebration of flavor and cheeky charm. With creations like the “Cheesy Fiesta Pleasure Bomb” and the “Midnight Cravings Delight Bomb,” CheekyBUNS promises a burger experience like no other.

Crafting the Brand Identity: When bringing CheekyBUNS to life visually, our goal was simple: capture the essence of what makes the brand truly unique. It’s more than just design; it’s a storytelling journey through vibrant colors, playful characters, and explosive flavors. Our logo, bursting with lively hues and dynamic design elements, sets the stage for an unforgettable encounter with every bite. Introducing characters like “Moxie Muncher” adds a playful twist to the packaging, turning it into a canvas of storytelling and fun.

An Unforgettable Culinary Experience: Tasked with the exciting project of crafting CheekyBUNS’ brand identity and packaging, our mission is to infuse the burger brand with a playful and bold spirit. We aim to create a visual language that screams big buns, bigger fun – from a vibrant logo to quirky characters like “Moxie Muncher” adorning the packaging. The goal is clear: to deliver an unforgettable CheekyBUNS experience that goes beyond burgers – it’s a celebration of flavor rebellion and a promise of big, bold fun with every bite. Get ready for CheekyBUNS – where the joy of big buns meets an even bigger sense of playfulness!