DIMO COFFEE Coffee Packaging


DIMO COFFEE is a young coffee experimental brand that aims to explore more possibilities in coffee life and is committed to the functional coffee track philosophy: Good coffee is not just delicious. The core product focuses on low-fat coffee with a perfect combination of Arabica beans and Robusta providing both delicious and professional fat-reducing effects product positioning is to redefine the concept of ration coffee!

© DIMO COFFEE●是一个年轻的咖啡实验品牌●品牌希望探索咖啡生活的更多可能●致力于功能咖啡赛道●品牌理念●好咖啡,不止好喝●核心产品主打减脂咖●阿拉比卡豆和罗布斯塔豆的完美配比●让好喝兼备专业的减脂功效●产品定位 重新定义口粮咖!