This product is one of the major single products of the functional drink track of New Dairy in 2022, and the annual sales of the single product is expected to exceed 50 million. The industry of functional fruit and vegetable drinks is highly competitive. From the beginning of “product name”, we should build competitiveness, implant the core value of the product, and highlight and enlarge “half an hour after dinner”. It is not only a product name but also a product slogan. There is no need to explain it on the shelf. Even the first time we see it, we can directly GET to the appeal of the product: drink after dinner, supplement nutrition and help digestion, the white bottle is clean and generous, with color illustrations of different tastes, Appetite is full. The product features of 6 kinds of lactic acid bacteria fermentation and one kind of dietary fiber are optimized into icon, highlighting the 6+1 product endorsement, and the bronzing process highlights the product quality.