Introduction of Project

We are required to innovate solutions for Peranakan Kitchen’s premium-quality cooking spice blends/paste packaging gift set. The Target Audience is working mothers and young executives who crave delicious authentic Peranakan meals that are quick and easy to prepare after work. Income ranges
from middle to higher income brackets. Age group between 21 – 50 years old.

Brand Positioning

Spice up your meals the Peranakan way!


Peranakan’s architectural structure is highly distinctive. So, in the exterior half of my packaging design, I’d like to have a Peranakan-style building with three stories, with the three various flavors pasted within. In addition, I included some illustrations of a Nyonya lady named Mak Aroma creating Peranakan spice paste to show the taste of home on the containers. I also experiment with CMYK color for the entire box.


  1. Your work is very bright and well remembered in style. I think that once someone sees your product, they can always remember it. And this is the most important thing now, all that remains is that the product is always the same bright, high-quality and maximally healthy

Stephanie Yong

Dasein Academy of Art