Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

O&O Beauty Brand Story

O&O Beauty is a narrative of three women from diverse life stages converging on a voyage to empower women to embrace their authentic beauty. Infused with personal insights from varying age demographics, we advocate for makeup that is clean, minimal, and mindful. As a brand propelled by women, we strive to demystify makeup and foster unconditional self-love in every individual.

At O&O Beauty, we believe in the philosophy that “Simplicity isn’t lack of something, It’s just the perfect amount of something.” Our ethos revolves around clean beauty that is both effortless and high-performing. We offer products that not only benefit you but also contribute positively to the environment.


Clean IngredientsCruelty-FreeEffortless MakeupEveryday Luxury

Purpose: O&O Beauty was conceived to celebrate your uniqueness, where your genuine allure truly resides. Our clean, minimal, luxurious makeup accentuates every facet of your identity, because being your One & Only is all about cherishing yourself—fully and unreservedly.

Brand Value Proposition: Crafted to deliver minimal, clean, and aesthetic luxury in India.

Mission: Our makeup is meticulously crafted with skin-loving ingredients to offer you the perfect luxury makeup for your daily beauty regimen.

Vision: O&O Beauty envisions a fresh perspective on clean, minimal, luxury makeup in India.

This project is a collaboration with The Turtle Story, a design agency renowned for their creative excellence and strategic branding expertise. Together, we aim to elevate O&O Beauty’s brand identity and communicate its essence authentically to the world.


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