Rölik – Spirit of Colombia


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A passion for brewing art is something that binds a lot of us together. Coffee brewing is not only a relished style but also an art filled with love, passion and magic.

This project is an ornamented brainchild of the caffeine-minded team at The Turtle Story, with the motive to make the luxury of pure coffee accessible for all. Our team worked from scratch, from naming the brand, and putting together a vibrant colour palette, to its unique packaging style.

Our midnight coffee cravings helped us deep-dive into the authenticity and purity of Coffee. We realized that with each continent, we meet a unique savoring blend of nature’s raw ingredients. From the fruity and chocolaty blend of the South American belt to the spicy and woody blend of the Indian continent, we came across a range of beautiful blends of coffee. After mugs of tasting and research, we were blown away by the most powerful and elegant blend of all – the Colombian coffee. The team brainstormed with an objective to bring a brand that makes the authenticity and magic of Colombian coffee accessible for all.

Through extensive and detailed research about the coffee belt of the world, we realised that not only each coffee bean is like a bouquet of different flowers, but each region has its own whimsical taste. As if, these are the region’s relics passed down from generation after generations that gives them their unique identity. And here we bring you a relic plucked out of our imagination – Rölik, which means relic in Turkish.

With each sip of this authentic Colombian coffee, our team’s vision got clearer, we wanted to translate the true spirit of Colombia with an opulent design style. Our solution began with narrowing down the essence of Colombian Coffee. We designed a focal character named King Barnaberry, after the famous Colombian coffee berries, using a technique inspired by Henri Rousseau’s post-impressionism art style. To make this artwork as authentic and magical as our vision, our team put together a colour palette that was as vibrant as the Colombian culture, took the essence of the Colombian geography, and drew it by hand to bring in a raw and unfiltered look. Take a closer look, and you will see how the character bewilderingly translates the spirit of Colombia through the bean-shaped coffee body exemplifying Colombian coffee beans’ earthy and raw texture, and the crown which is bejeweled with rich Colombian coffee berries.

Even if the logo seems as simple as it looks, it has incorporated the magical spirit of the brand. The two dots above the letter ‘o’ resemble a diamond shape. This was intentionally done to show that each coffee bean of Rölik is a precious diamond. These little diamonds are sprinkled throughout our brand communication style, which in turn helps to strengthen a brand recall value.

Rölik is a premium coffee brand that offers Colombia’s finest coffee grounds and roasts.