Vikoda Natural Alkaline Water

We’re delighted to share more about our intricate design process for the Vikoda Natural Alkaline Water gift box. The design concept pivots around the product itself – the water bottle. This bottle, containing the high-quality alkaline water from Vietnam, is positioned centrally in the box, serving as a core visual element.

The backdrop of the design is inspired by the image of Hon Chuong Mountain in Khanh Hoa, the principal source of this natural alkaline water. We meticulously recreated this mountainous landscape within the box design. This not only reinforces the brand’s origin but also provides an engaging visual experience for the viewer.

When the box is rotated at a 45-degree angle and observed through the bottle, the viewer is treated to a splendid view of nature. This is achieved through a meticulous light arrangement technique implemented right under the bottle. This technique allows us to create the illusion of a vibrant, dynamic natural scene within the box.

As for the branding element, we have applied a gradient transformation technique using blue and purple tones. These colors were chosen for their natural association with water and the calmness it brings. The gradient effect also adds a modern and stylish touch to the overall design.

In summary, every aspect of the design—from the arrangement and layout to the color choices and lighting techniques—has been carefully crafted to create a unique and appealing gift box that perfectly represents the Vikoda brand.

Brand: Vikoda
Creative Agency: Knock Knock Saigon


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  1. interesting solution. Bright colors, but there are a lot of different signs on the packaging and they somehow scatter my attention. That is, I can’t focus on any one attention and one understanding of the concept, so probably there are still fewer different signs; all the signs must do something then they belong to someone, they must mean something. I don’t yet understand what your signs on the purple packaging mean.

Client: Vikoda
Creative Agency: Knock Knock Saigon