Yellowstone 150th Anniversary rendered by Steven Noble

Steven Noble Illustrations

San Francisco, CA, USA

World-renowned illustrator Steven Noble Visit and see thousands of illustrations in a variety of mediums: Scratchboard, Line Art, Woodcut and Engraving. serves up over 1,000 original stock illustrations… Since graduating from the University of California, Davis in 1990, Steven Noble has mastered a wide range of detail and style within the scratch-board medium and has become internationally recognized for his work from clients as far way as Japan to Europe. Over the years, he has become equally adept in the woodcut, pen and ink, traditional engraving and steel engraving styles, as well as a variety of stylized scratchboard techniques. His highly disciplined and complex line work is based on over 30 years of experience using X-Acto precision knives carved into pre-inked clay boards which generate very fine line strokes which allow a versatility in the detail from bold woodcuts to very fine traditional 19 century steel engravings.