Frosty Fable Ice Cream Packaging


Brand Story: Frosty Fables is indulging in a magical ice cream experience where each flavor unfolds a whimsical tale. Rooted in the timeless allure of storytelling, our brand offers a journey filled with imagination and nostalgia, bringing joy to every scoop.

Design Challenge: Our challenge was to capture the essence of Frosty Fables’ whimsical storytelling while communicating the vegan-friendly nature of our oat milk-based ice cream. We aimed to create packaging that not only stood out but also transported customers into a world of wonder and delight.

Design Solution: We developed three distinctive packaging designs for our Hazelnut Heaven, Vanilla Dreamscape, and Chocolate Fantasy flavors. Each design features vibrant illustrations of beloved animal characters, capturing the essence of the flavor profile and inviting customers on a whimsical journey with every scoop.

Our emphasis on storytelling infuses emotion and imagination into our packaging, resonating deeply with our audience. The inclusion of endearing animal protagonists adds charm, while the simplicity of our designs ensures effective communication of our brand story. In summary, our design solution combines captivating illustrations, storytelling, and simplicity to create packaging that delights the eye and invites customers to indulge in a magical ice cream experience.

Our Beliefs: This art direction excels by using captivating illustrations and storytelling to evoke emotions and create lasting impressions. It effectively communicates the brand’s essence, resonating with customers through its simple yet charming approach.