Problem statement

Establish a brand identity and packaging for Urrak, a hyper-local Goan speciality drink, distilled from fermented cashew apples.


Considered a rite of passage for most Goans, Urrak is the first distillation from cashew apple juice that is fermented into alcohol.

Signalling the start of Summer, Urrak is only available between March and May. Commonly known as Goa’s “jungle juice”, Urrak is enjoyed by all strata of society, for its refreshing and tropical taste.

Urrak typically has a lower alcohol content compared to its distilled counterpart, Feni. It is mainly found in local markets, neighbourhood bars, roadside stalls, and traditional distilleries in Goa. It is less commonly available in mainstream liquor stores or establishments outside of Goa.

If you’re visiting Goa, you may have a better chance of finding and experiencing Urrak in its traditional setting. Enjoyed with a slit green chilli, some rock salt and wedges of lemon for a tropical squeeze, many drinkers top up their Urrak with some Limca, Nimbooz or Sprite.

About the Concept

For the naming of the brand, I considered using Konkani, the indigenous language of Goa.  Naturally, transforming a local beverage into a premium alcoholic brand presents its own challenges. However, for Goans, having a brand name that pays homage to their native tongue makes it more authentic, rooted in its origin and appealing. This is why I chose to name the brand Ross (which means juice).

This product is crafted with love to provide a delightful experience for Goans and those new to Goa. The design of the product is simple and easy to understand. To create a more authentic representation of Goa’s culture, I have included illustrations of real-life scenes from Goa. This connection will make Goans feel excited to be part of the journey of enjoying this unique and premium spirit.


To enhance the authenticity of Goa’s culture, I have incorporated real-life scenes from the region as illustrations. This connection will excite Goans to be part of the enjoyable journey of this unique and premium spirit. This connection will make Goans excited to enjoy this unique and premium spirit to the people.