ZARA SKIN represents a revolution in skincare; inspired by the minimalist and sophisticated aesthetics of the brand’s own makeup line, this new collection of conceptual and refillable skincare is designed for the conscious consumer of the 21st century.

The range consists of six essential products: from a facial cleanser that leaves the skin soft and fresh, to a gentle exfoliant that rejuvenates, a moisturizer that deeply nourishes thanks to hyaluronic acid, a retinol serum for radiant skin, and an eye contour with caffeine that revitalizes the look.

The design of the packaging is inspired by the brand’s visual heritage, taking as a reference its distinguished makeup line conceived by Baron & Baron studio. This influence materializes in an elegant collection of slanted containers, reflecting minimalism and the distinctive slant that evokes the letter “Z” from the ZARA logo.

The refills in this collection stand out for their nature-inspired tones, which also nod to the diversity of skin colors, from soft earthy hues to serene neutrals. This palette not only visually enriches each product but also celebrates inclusivity, aligning with the brand’s characteristic minimalist communication. The chosen colors reinforce the personal connection with skincare, celebrating the unique beauty of each individual.

This proposal introduces two new innovative materials. On one hand, white lacquered aluminum not only adds elegance, but its durability allows the case to be reused infinitely, thus minimizing environmental impact. On the other hand, the use of Bio-PE for the refills marks a significant step towards sustainability. This completely recyclable material is a testament to ZARA’s commitment to minimizing plastic waste, thereby promoting a more conscious and responsible beauty culture.

The exterior packaging, made from hemp and mycelium, is a testament to material innovation towards sustainable packaging solutions. This material, free from plastics and chemicals, is compostable, recyclable, and water-resistant. A band of recycled cardboard, matching the color of the interior refill, is not just an aesthetic detail, but also a reflection of a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility, presenting a unique and conscious unboxing experience. By integrating Inditex’s JOIN LIFE concept, this packaging goes beyond compliance with sustainable practices, embodying the brand’s commitment to responsible production and transparency, aligning with initiatives that reduce the environmental footprint at every step of the product’s life cycle.

Each element has been designed with the goal of optimizing usability and comfort for the user. This strategy not only enriches the daily interaction with the product but also reflects the brand’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact and extending the product’s lifespan in a sustainable manner.