Vasundhara Dhadiwal

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Amalgam is a luxury haircare brand which combines traditional medicine with modern science to formulate efficacious solutions for hair concerns. Its holistic approach to personal well-being and the well-being of the planet needed an identity and packaging that reflected its ethos.

To that end, the bottle is made out of glass with a cork and natural rubber stopper that extends to become a glass dropper. It is designed to be refillable, zero-waste and environmentally conscious. Moreover, the organic shape of the bottle speaks for Amalgam’s love for nature and stands out among other products in retail and online stores.


This haircare product is made with the fusion of 23 potent herbs from different continents. Cultures around the world might have little in common but one of the things that binds them all together is the rich tradition of incorporating botanical motifs into their art, crafts and rituals to symbolize growth, vitality, renewal and a robust relationship with nature, among other things. Whether they are Egyptian hieroglyphs, Japanese woodblock prints, Indian textiles or Celtic carvings.

Therefore, the illustration features the silhouette of a mane, formed by an imaginary botanical element which connotes this harmonious fusion of herbs from different continents which nurture the hair from the roots.

Since the brand is an amalgam of traditional medicine and modern science, the visual direction adopts a vintage oil brush illustration style with contemporary treatment coupled with a minimal logo. The artwork is screen printed directly onto the bottle to save paper and prevent the problem of having to stick it onto an uneven surface.