Kingster – Wheat Chips

The development of packaging design for nine flavors of wheat chips began with naming. The original and visually easy to read name “KINGSTER” is placed against the background of a large diamond, becoming the central element of the composition. The contrasting blue color, enhanced by the metallic shine and bright glow from underneath, created the necessary contrast between the logo block and the surrounding background with the food zone.

To speed up the process of customers choosing the desired type of product, appetizing images of the flavors “Red Caviar”, “Grilled Ribs”, “Porcini Mushrooms with Sour Cream”, “Shashlik”, etc. were placed in the background. The first plan is dedicated to detailed multi-angle photographs of snacks, attracting the attention of buyers with its original shape.

Vibrant color backgrounds that match flavor color coding enhance quick identification of species within a product line.