In an effort to create a new taste trend, in 2024, the largest plant in the Turkestan region, “AQUA ROSSA”, launched the production of carbonated drinks in 450 ml aluminum cans with original flavors “kiwi with lime” and “pomegranate with raspberry” for the Kazakh market. To attract the attention of as many carbonated soft drink buyers as possible, we have developed a design under the “BALI” brand. In conditions of fierce competition, an expressive image that meets the preferences of the target audience becomes one of the main advantages of a developing brand.

The packaging concept was built on stereotypical images of the tropical jungle of the exotic islands of Bali. The dominant green dense plant background focuses attention on the bright TM and images of fruits and berries. Thanks to the compositional solution, a multifaceted effect was created. Vector graphics specially drawn for this project made it possible to distribute and fit the color spectrum into an eight-color palette, and make lithographic printing as saturated in colors as possible, and controlled in shades during printing.


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