Design of gift packaging and trademark of premium chocolates “LEPSHY”.

The main attention in the design is paid to the original author’s illustration depicting one of the bright symbols of Belarus – the cornflower flower. The image of a wreath is placed on the lid and side surface. Cornflowers with field herbs braided into a rich wreath emphasize the color of native nature and create a mood of ethnic celebration and beauty. The illustration is rich in details that attract attention and make you want to look at it more closely. Butterflies, dragonflies, ants – they all make the picture alive and very close to nature – this evokes positive associations with the environmental friendliness of the product.

In addition to the high quality of the chocolate, it is worth noting the original taste and unusual color of the filling, which makes the candy recognizable and in tune with the main theme of the illustration. The characteristic shape of the chocolates was developed specifically for this project. The packaging is a round tin box with embossing on the lid. Inside there are boxes with candies in two tiers.

The series will develop, and the next flavors will be dedicated to chamomile, poppy and bluebells. The set is aimed primarily at foreign buyers and can be used as a unique souvenir brought from Belarus as a gift.