RuCola concept design

Anastasia Igolnikova

A new interpretation of the iconic drink in a symbolic natural plot. A completely natural composition from a unique recipe consisting of natural ingredients and herbs is expressed in a modern graphic image of a birch tree. At the same time, the stylisation of the tree pattern resembles a digital gaming dynamic graphics forming a lively bright rhythm. This birch tree will be stylised with a modern, digital twist to reflect a dynamic and vibrant brand, bridging the gap between nature and modernity.

Was used vibrant colors and dynamic shapes to give the tree a modern and energetic feel, suggesting both the natural energy of the ingredients and the modern lifestyle of the consumer. This concept aims to create a unique and memorable brand identity that communicates the natural purity of the drink while embracing a modern, digital aesthetic. The stylized birch tree, with its dynamic and lively graphics, will stand out in the market, appealing to consumers who value both natural ingredients and a vibrant, modern lifestyle.