WeiJue Air Freshener Packaging Design


Weijue air fresh agent packaging design

The product of the startup “SCENT” can be used as a fresh agent or a perfume with long -lasting fragrance. Since its launch, it has been well received by the scarcity of market scarcity. Coupled with reasonable pricing strategies gradually grow up.

For the upgrade of the new packaging, it is necessary to solve past problems in order to form lasting competition potential. How to get more attention on the channels of male consumers, display the characteristics of the product to users, and reduce the cost of choice at the same time is an inevitable trend of packaging upgrade.

We use simple and dynamic graphics to echo the “slightly silent” effect process of the product, and use hierarchical and fluid elements to maintain a “soft air sense” visually. At the same time, through comparison priority”.

In such a male-dominated consumption scenario, adopting a combination of calm and fresh color matching schemes not only in line with the basic aesthetic preferences of users, but also in line with the characteristics of the product. With the people’s pricing strategies, products can better stimulate users. The desire to choose.