NATURE SCENT – packaging for car air freshener


NATURE SCENT are chalk car fragrances designed to meet the needs of those who value naturalness and sophistication. These fragrances not only eliminate the use of synthetic fragrances that cause discomfort or allergic reactions, but also have a unique design that emphasizes their environmental friendliness and harmoniously complements the interior of any car.

The three fragrance options are carefully selected compositions of odors found in nature. Each of them has its own personality and is able to create a special atmosphere in the salon.

The design of NATURE SCENT fragrances is made in the style of minimalism, which not only emphasizes their natural aesthetics and their filler, because chalk is a type of rock, and that is why the appearance of the fragrance is made in the form of a pebble, but also makes them universal for any car interior.

Each illustration on the packaging highlights the scent inside and reflects the color in the device itself.
The style of the illustrations is inspired by the idea of ​​”dispersing” the smell, emphasizing that there is a fragrance inside and it does not have a strong irritating smell.
The illustrations also effectively highlight the chalky texture of the flavors, using visual elements that resemble the delicate strokes of chalk.

Their longevity is one of the key advantages, because thanks to the use of natural ingredients and a chalky base, the aroma remains for a long time, providing a pleasant sensation throughout the entire trip.