Mr.Lacy x Pristine

Derrick Lin


Designed by Rob Clarijs, The Netherlands.

Mr. Lacy –International leader in shoelace fashion- collaborated with the notorious fixed gear shop Pristine for a special project. The shoelace brand and internationally recognized shop aligned to create an unique shoelace, specifically designed for and inspired by fixed gear riders.

Who would have thought that a small product like a shoelace could make such a big difference? Mr. Lacy did and developed a shoelace that enhances the quality of every ride. The shoelace brand collaborated with the Pristine Fixed Gear Amsterdam crew to launch a technical, safe, stylish and very exclusive (only 100 available worldwide) shoelace specially designed for fixed gear riders.

Safety is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Fixed Gear bikes. Yet the smallest things can make the difference between mashing through the streets and kissing the asphalt. Mr. Lacy combines style, technology and safety in one special fixed gear shoelace.

Many Fixed Gear riders ride cleats, but the majority of today’s fixed gear enthusiasts ride with toe clips. Those toe clips are usually made out of metal, which can easily cut through ordinary shoelaces. The fixed gear shoelace that Mr. Lacy produced is reinforced with a stronger fiber, which is very useful considering the power that is unleashed on the shoelaces while riding on cleats.

To double up the safety Mr. Lacy adds a small lace clip with every pair of Mr. Lacy x Pristine shoelaces. This clip will prevent riders’ shoelaces from getting caught by the crank. By simply attaching the lace loops to the clip they will remain in one place, away from the crank.

The design of the premium Mr. Lacy X Pristine shoelaces is clean, stylish and colorful. The black, reflective shoelace has the famous cycling related color way on the tips. These color details are also integrated in the exclusive packaging of the shoelaces.

The campaign reflects much of what Mr. Lacy and Pristine are all about; creativity, fun, freedom, contemporary subculture and style. Dutch Photographer Martijn Zijerveld captured the day in a life of a fixed gear rider touring and living his live in and around the streets of Amsterdam.