Design: Priscylla, da PSNDesign
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Wiper Brasil
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Tissue, paper tissue
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper box
Printing Process: Flexography

A single product, two different positions: Residential and Business

Residential line:
Based on surveys of the target audience, we identified a young / mature female profile (25-50) who has a busy work routine but who does not stop taking care of herself, taking care of her skin and body. The tissues are 100% natural, they are light and soft, with a weight of 60 g / m2, so we suggest to the Residential Line a light and harmonic layout, which would convey the soft and well-being sensation that modern women need in their day-to-day.

We created a harmonic way to position the product name on the packaging. Handmade, the organic shape seems to float so lightly. That was the feeling we were looking for to represent the product. To complete the lightness effect, we created a texture with the colors that move and create a striking visual unity in the packaging when arranged on the gondola. These waves of soft colors are like plumes that float in the air, they are like cotton on the skin but with the resistance of a tissue.

Business Line: Wiper Brasil’s corporate cleaning cloths are also developed for various industrial cleaning applications. The business line can be used in laboratories, hospitals, clinics, bars, restaurants, gas stations and industrial kitchens. They replace cloths, tow and towels much more efficiently and safely, thus avoiding the risk of contamination. Ideal for maintaining hygiene in public places against COVID.

As the business and residential lines are two very different audiences, we continue with two different positions. The residential line is more delicate, while the business line has a more serious and imposing tone, which conveys strength and security.

What’s Unique?
A single product, two different positions: residential and business and both are 100% natural, paper tissue.