Suleyman Bagdat

We designed the Turquoise Egg packaging, the new product of the egg series with a special content of Kumartaşlı Gıda, which is among the largest egg producer companies in Turkey and has a wide product portfolio in this category.

The brief summary of the blue egg project, a new product that will not be on the shelves, was as follows:

  • The design should be positioned as premium as it is a product with special content not found in other brands in its segment.

  • It should be a natural design that people will not see artificial at first glance because of its color.

  • It should be designed with a simple and modern approach and should be different from the classical egg packaging.

  • Since the product is different and awareness is low, the packaging should clearly explain itself to the consumer.

-Packaging should not give people a distant and cold perception, sympathetic elements should be used.

Here are the solutions we found to these problems:

  • We used the company’s own blue and gold colors to create both a natural and premium perception in the basic color of the packaging.

  • We used egg images with expressions on the sides of the packaging to make it more sympathetic.

-We avoided a design full of complex images and compressed information sets. We positioned the texts in a readable and understandable way.

Thank you for your interest in our project.


Suleyman Bagdat

Art Director: Oğuzhan Bagdat

Kumartaşlı Gıda