El Medina Dates

Norah Beioui

El Medina Dates – Identity Design 2022 – Saudi Arabia

After studying the brief well and discovering the process we got many remarkable options but It ended up in a minimalistic, well-oriented geometrical brand mark, a strong symbol with an elegant touch that reflects our client’s vision. It creates a sophisticated feeling of the brand and translates a variety of perfect collections you may own.

We were asked to develop a mark simple but luxuriant express the brand craft. That’s all. So having a visual identity that can arrest and captivate the patient is ideal. The design thinking and technique used In El Medina Dates are extremely professional and based on Arabic psychiatry, but carried out to obtain and show belonging, luxury clean layouts with minimalist details and outline.

The biggest challenge of the project was to apply these concepts in the visual part, without losing the solidity and seriousness of the work, so the symbol was built after literally hundreds of different attempts and tests of positioning and details. My client used the dandelion as a symbol and visual feature before, and to maintain the concept it was improved with the insertion of two other elements: a palm and the window.

Its identity was worked on the basis of minimalism and modern design, bringing very few elements in well-organized and clean layouts, bringing total focus on the symbol, which was built from a geometric grid planned for the best possible positioning and spacing of the details inserted.

The architecture and ambiance of the office greatly influenced the choice of colors in the style of the most minimalist details and outlines, matching the walls and armchairs. Everything talks to each other in a harmonic and functional way, generating a good visual solution.

Finishing the logo construction part, the chosen font brings good readability and legibility, thus, not creating any conflict with the symbol, being able to be used with or without the icon, and still maintaining its identity.