Peter Popple’s Popcorn

Designed by Family (and friends), United Kingdom.

Peter Popple’s Popcorn is the brainchild of entrepreneur Louise George, who spotted a gap in the market for a healthy range of snacks made with ‘Mums in mind’. Popcorn is naturally high in fibre and antioxidants, low in fat and light in texture, so ideal as a lunchbox filler or an anytime treat. The product is made with only natural flavours and ingredients and is ‘air popped’ meaning it’s cooked without using lots of greasy oil.

The launch flavours will be Cheddar Cheese, Fruit Chutney, Salt & Vinegar and Golden Syrup. Family (and friends) were approached without a pitch to help create the name, identity and packaging design, as well as trade stands and flyers for launch soon. Alex Durbridge, co founder and creative partner at F&f says “The Peter Popple ‘P’ character brings to life the world of a foody scientist who is mad about popcorn and will explain to children the amazing natural process that makes popcorn go pop”

To reflect the product’s natural feel, the packaging uses a simple and environmentally aware technique – flow wrapped transparent bags with brightly coloured labels applied front and back in sensible 20g portions. The graphic approach aims to create bold shelf standout, whilst maintaining a modern, charming and friendly tone. The phrase “It’s popalicious!” has also been trademarked with the intention of building future brand recall. Peter Popple’s Popcorn is currently securing sales to delis and other up-market food stores.