ReBorn® brings a Rebirth… to homeware design.

Design studio Family (and friends) have collaborated with an expert team across multiple disciplines to create ReBorn®, the UK’s first 100% recycled material homeware range.

Born from a mission to help reduce the c. 70 million plastic household items that are binned every year in the UK, ReBorn® is a new range of homeware products made in Great Britain from local industrial plastic waste and is ‘circular by design’. This means that they can be infinitely recycled at end of life, resulting in lower carbon emissions, less landfill and a positive impact on the local economy.

Working in partnership with Biffa, these waste materials- which mostly consist of wasted industrial food packaging collected from Britain’s factories- are processed into pellets using cutting-edge innovation and then transformed into highly aesthetic, functional homeware.

Every element of supply chain, from raw materials to packaging, supports local industries and eliminates the carbon footprint associated with international transportation.

The whole range has the seal of approval from Brunel University London’s chemical engineering department, where the recycled plastic is quality checked for home use, durability and crucially, recyclability. The team will also track the product’s lifecycle to compare its carbon emissions with conventional virgin plastic, imported products.

“By choosing the brand, you’re not only enjoying high-quality, beautifully crafted products, you’re also helping transform the entire homewares industry for the better, resulting in 79% less carbon emissions than equivalent products made in the Far East from virgin materials”.
Says Founder and CEO Brian Walmsley.

ReBorn products are offered in a choice of stone or dark grey, both highly adaptable colours which ‘fit beautifully within your home’ with a minimalistic aesthetic to slot into your kitchen, exuding class and quality. All the products were designed to be space efficient, useful, long-lasting and infinitely recyclable. In fact, our ‘ReBorn Again’ scheme will aim to give consumers the opportunity to recycle their used products to be broken down and made into new products.

Family (and friends) led naming, brand proposition, identity and packaging, encompassing the category-first innovation with the consumer-facing proposition ‘Giving materials new life’ to emphasise the transformational nature of the range.

F&f were seeking to create differentiation at retail, using a bright and modern yellow laid on a light stone background which helped the range stand out on display versus the typical dark and tonal competitors. Messaging on-pack is centred around telling the ReBorn story with excitement and passion, whilst also showing off the product features as concisely as possible.

Studio Davis, an innovation design studio based in Bath, specialises in 3D product design for FMCG brands and was a natural choice to create the functional, yet stylish range- having been part of the journey since the first discussions around this revolutionary approach to manufacturing.

You can shop the entire ReBorn® range in all 34 John Lewis locations across the UK and online, or through the ReBorn website.


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Strategy Lead: DJ Johnston
Creative Director: Alex Durbridge
Designer: Matthew Pumfrett
Designer: Beverly Cook
ReBorn Homes