Putting the ‘boogie back into bakery’

Family (and friends)

Putting the ‘boogie back into bakery’

Born from the desire to have more readily available options in better-for-you, gluten-free bakery, Pri’s Puddings was founded just over 3 years ago and offered a range of pies and pockets in several flavours.

They contain just 5 raw, natural ingredients including oats, dates and coconut sugar, and are gluten-free and vegan with no additives or colours.

However, ‘Pri’s Puddings’ (as the brand was previously named) wasn’t engaging with enough target consumers- its on-shelf presence was struggling in the highly competitive healthy snacking category and the packaging lacked strong flavour cues or a distinctive tone of voice.

Working with Pri’s, we identified our target consumer as ‘Healthy Balancers’- they’re looking for a better for you, ethical and sustainable snack alternative and are willing to pay a premium for products using raw, natural ingredients. They also typically look for fun, enjoyable and tasty brands to munch on without the guilt of conventional bakery.

Bake my day

With this in mind, we developed the big idea of “Pri bakes your day”, a play on words that embodies the cheeky and upbeat personality Pri infuses into every product and everything she does.

The brand name was reintroduced as “Pri Bakes” to better reflect the healthy baked nature of the pies and pockets and create more specific engagement with consumers. Overall, the brand is much more positive and emotive both on and off pack, eliciting greater feelings of joy and excitement.

The visual identity has been reworked to reflect the brand personality, with vibrant colours on-pack to clearly identify individual flavour as well as premium quality- where the previous packaging was universally beige or brown, melting into the shelf.

Boogie on down

We wanted to clearly embody the connection between healthy, natural eating with positivity and joy, coining the strapline “We put the boogie back into bakery” to perfectly complement these brand assets off pack.

“F&F were a pleasure to work with. They delved into our business origination story, target market and mission and really helped to showcase our personality in our brand packaging.”

“We’ve recently rolled out the new branding and the feedback we have received has blown us away. Thank you to the F&F team for all your hard work!”

-Priyanka Savjani, Founder, Pri Bakes

Family (and friends)

Strategy Lead: Derek Johnston
Creative Director: Alex Durbridge
Pri Bakes