The Wine Society

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Derrick Lin


Designed by The Creative Method, Australia.

The Wine Society wanted to upgrade it’s labels from something that was quite generic to something that added a little more value. The Society is competing against many different wineries and it was important that the labels had good standout, reflected the quality and helped beginning to tell the WS story. The labels needed to work across 3 tiers, a value range, a mid range and a more premium high end range. There were over 30 different labels in the whole series so they needed to feel like a group but also stand alone in their tier.

One of the most telling aspects of our society is how we dress and what we wear. These labels have been designed to firstly reflect and re-enforce the idea of ‘Society’ but also create individual personality and style for each wine. The tie was chosen as the main visual link as it talked to the idea of a society or a group and a standard. A full neck tie is used for the value tier and a bow tie is used for the premium and reserve tier. Each tie has a change of colour and image for each wine.