Tesco Fresh Fish



Designed by R-Design, United Kingdom.

R Design was approached by Tesco to redesign their entire range of standard and standard plus fresh fish that covered over 50 lines.

The idea was to emulate the buzz and atmosphere of a bustling fishmongers/fish market. The labels were designed to reflect the hand crafted feel of a chalkboard. All the typography was hand drawn and paired with illustrations that highlight the fish type. On the standard plus lines the illustrations change from the fish to that of the flavour or ingredient that comes with the product. e.g. King Prawns with Chilli & Coriander.

Bright colours are used throughout both ranges to differentiate between the fish type and create hierarchy within the product titles and descriptions.

The design was able to adapt across several pack formats achieving a consistent look across the rangeand strong stand out on shelf as well as engaging the consumer.