Wild Dream

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Designed by Contrabriefing, Spain.

Wild Dream’ renders homage to sensual and mysterious cream liqueurs Cream of Baines, Baines and chocolate, Baines and red fruits.

This is the new initiative being pursued by Licores Baines in the world of pacharán-based beverages. They are called Wild Dream and are perfect after dessert, when you give in to animated conversation with friends, savouring the sweetness of words on your palate, their softness in your mouth.

With the launch of these three pacharán-based combinations, Licores Baines is seeking to satisfy those with a very “sweet tooth”, whilst remaining true to traditional flavours and offering a liqueur with a lower alcohol content. These are drinks which endeavour to seduce. As such, the Wild Dream packaging takes it inspiration from the world of sensuality and voluptuous shapes to suggest and insinuate, however never to overstate. Svelte and opaque bottles hide the secret of Wild Dream. The harmony between the container and the label is complemented by using three bottle corsets with different designs for different lines, depending on the ingredients of each liqueur. A corset, which emphasises a woman’s curves, is always suggestive, provocative and very exciting.