Designed by SHUMILOVEDESIGN, Russia.

The Agora Company has approached us with a serious task of creating the design for their new line of sparkling wines “Jemchujina Azova” (The Azov Pearl). The goal was to create a classy and presentable design that would reflect the product’s naming and communicate the feeling of holiday associated with it.

The design employs an imperial, aristocratic visual style. The use of images stylized as engravings, heraldry, ornaments and fonts was applied in order to reflect the unique character of “Jemchujina Azova”.

We also wanted to note the application of special post-printing techniques, such as stamping, embossing, special paper selection. The right choice of appropriate techniques allows to effectively communicate the idea contained within the design. The task isn’t about using all the available options – it’s about doing it to the right degree where needed.

In this case we have selected pearl paper, which enhances the light semitones with very beautiful and gentle gradients. The color scheme for the entire range employs very light, pastel tones. The engraving is additionally processed with elements of gold foil stamping, which are emphasized through the use of embossing.

The shape of both the main and collar labels is unique. This serves as an additional measure to make the product stand out from the competition on the shelf. It was a rational decision to stray away from the traditional sparkling wine label forms.

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