Agency: SHUMI LOVE DESIGN (TM) Branding Agency
Creative & Design Director: Valerii Sumilov
Visualizer: Maxim Kulikov
Location: Moldova
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine, beverage, sparkling
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Printing, stamping, embossing, tactile varnish, selective varnish

The Bolgrad brand is expanding its product range, and its portfolio now includes a line of classic Italian sparkling wines. The sparkling wines are produced and bottled in Italy under the supervision of Bolgrad.

We were tasked with the comprehensive branding of a collection of classic Italian sparkling wines.

What made this project special was the fact that we had to carefully transmit the spirit, atmosphere, and perception of real Italian sparkling wines while giving the consumer a clear understanding that they are dealing with a familiar brand.

While working on the branding we always kept in mind that Italian sparkling wines are not just about style, breed, and brevity. They also have a mood, an atmosphere, that special passion, and sensation. This is what we tried to express in the design.

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The core idea revolves around the bubbles that are so pleasing on hot summer days. Reinforcing this idea, we took this image as the central one and made it an eye-catcher — the main, attention-grabbing element of the label. As a result, the label has a unique cut-out — three bubbles form a cut-through. Through the holes you can see the product itself.

Our target was to carry out a comprehensive branding campaign for sparkling wines under the TM Bolgrad. We had the following tasks:

  • bottle design
  • label set design
  • further development of the previously created brand identity

The use of advanced post-printing processes was thoughtfully planned out for the label. Their combination and use won’t go unappreciated by the consumer, and on the shelf, the product will draw the attention of the most sophisticated connoisseurs of classic Italian sparkling wines!