We were tasked to carry out a comprehensive rebranding of the well-known “Old Armenian” cognac. Ten years ago this brandy became a real “hit” and for a long time was the sales leader in the segment of Armenian brandies in Ukraine. For more than 10 years the appearance of the product became obsolete and required adequate updating. That is what we did.

Everything has been rebranded: we have developed a new bottle, which has preserved its characteristic features, but has become higher, more elegant and premium. We worked on the trademark of the producer and gave it a modern status look – by removing the superfluous we revealed the main thing.

The brand concept includes a set of labels, underlining the high status of the product and its consistent quality. A brand identity system was developed. As a result, the product received a well-recognizable and clearly distinguishable differentiation of positions. Each of the SKUs has now received its own individual label color.

The label printing includes the use of advanced post-printing technologies, which gives the appearance of the product refinement and distinguishes the product on the competitive shelf.


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