Velvet Crunch Gourmet Bites

Dragon Rouge

1 Craven Hill, London W2 3EN, UK

Agency: Dragon Rouge
Type of work: Commercial work

Gourmet snacking that’s light on the conscience

The Velvet Crunch brand was an underexploited gem in the Intersnack portfolio. It presented the combined KP and Intersnack businesses with a prime opportunity to build and grow a stronger foothold in the growing healthier snacking market.

Dragon Rouge was delighted to be asked to explore the potential to optimise the brand positioning and how to promote the product’s superior eating experience and delightfully low calorie promise.

We developed and researched alternative new propositions and brand expressions in an iterative creative exploration and consumer test. Within this process the opportunity for a ‘grown up’, more sophisticated flavour range and pack expression became extremely clear.

Dragon Rouge’s new Velvet Crunch proposition and design heroes the brand’s sophisticated, full flavours and light-yet-satisfying eating experience. It cues real food ‘deli-style’ visual and verbal language and puts the ‘87 calories’ message firmly in the spotlight with the promise of ‘a delightfully moreish discovery’ as the on pack sign off.

Kate Waddell, Managing Director of Consumer Brands at Dragon Rouge says:

“It was an exciting opportunity to help to make Velvet Crunch’s superior eating experience and fantastic calorie claim really shine and to create a stronger brand for KP Intersnack which will provide a very credible platform for the business’ continued growth in the healthier snacking market place. Consumer research showed a real opportunity for a healthier snack which could deliver all the ‘grown up’ pleasure of a more indulgent snack, whilst not lying heavy on the conscience. Velvet Crunch offers a very unique way for women to enjoy a much more satisfying and sophisticated snacking experience.”

Velvet Crunch Gourmet Bites start feeding into stores of the biggest Retailers (Tesco, ASDA; Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s) in July 2014.